Sophie Martin

Sjoerd Seekles

Postdoctoral researcher



Twitter: @SJSeekles


I obtained my master with a specialization of Microbial Biotechnology and Health in 2017 at the Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands. Afterwards, I joined the group of dr. Arthur Ram as a PhD candidate in Leiden to study the preservation stress resistance and heterogeneity of Aspergillus niger spores. During this time, I mainly focused on fungal genomes of food spoilage isolates and their genes to study the stress resistance of fungal spores. I successfully defended my thesis in January 2022 ( and subsequently joined the lab of Sophie Martin in February 2022 to study the molecular mechanisms behind mate choice preference and polarity patch dynamics in mating of wild fission yeast strains.

Fungal genetics & genomics. Biotechnology. Bioinformatics. In my spare time I like to spend time with my wife and daughters hiking and play (board)games.

Publication list:

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