Sophie Martin

Sajjita Saha

PhD student


Sajjita’s early quest to learn about the intricacies of life led to deeper exploration of subjects like cell biology and biophysics in her Masters thesis at IISER Kolkata in Dr. Bidisha Sinha’s Lab. Formative experiences garnered from short stints in Prof. Sandhya Koushika’s lab at TIFR Mumbai and Prof. Santanu Dhara’s lab at IIT KGP boosted her interest in different areas of science particularly cytoskeletons and microscopy. She joined the lab in October, 2021 after remaining as a predoctoral researcher at Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas city in Dr. Sue Jaspersen’s lab from 2018 – until Dr. Jaspersen’s departure. For Sajjita, time flies when she is imaging cells on a microscope or learning to play a new tune on a piano.