Sophie Martin

Laura Merlini

Scientific Collaborator


Laura studied Biotechnology at the University of Milano-Bicocca, completing her PhD in 2011. Her research explored the role of septins in regulating cell polarity and cytokinesis in budding yeast, within Dr Simonetta Piatti's group, initially based in Milan and later relocated to CNRS, in Montpellier. Her doctoral studies piqued her interest in live cell microscopy, leading to a collaboration with Prof. Yves Barral's team at ETH Zurich to further investigate septin dynamics.

In 2012, Laura started her postdoctoral training at the University of Lausanne in Prof. Sophie Martin's group, examining cell polarity during mitotic growth and early mating stages, particularly focusing on the small GTPases Ras1 and Cdc42. A firm believer in teamwork, she frequently initiated collaborations with colleagues within her group and with other research teams to advance her studies.

In 2021, Laura stepped away from academia to join a microscopy company, where she enhanced her technical skills in microscopy and expanded her expertise in optics.

In April 2023, she resumed her collaboration with Sophie’s group, now at the University of Geneva, as a scientific collaborator. This role synergizes her passions for research and teaching. She remains actively involved in various projects concerning cell polarity and pheromone signalling, alongside participating in teaching and technical training for students and technicians.

Outside her academic activities, Laura enjoys spending quality time with her family and engaging in sports, particularly skiing in the Alps. She is also passionate about scientific communication, organizing events to promote science to the public.