CentrioleJ is a user-friendly ImageJ plugin that we have developed to process images of centrioles. It mainly consists of two steps, circularization and symmetrization.

The plugin can be downloaded here: CentrioleJ

The observed centriole often resembles more an ellipse than a circle. However, it is not known whether this reflects the real centriolar shape or is due to e.g. the fixation procedure. In CentrioleJ, we allow the user to circularize the centriole prior to further processing (i.e. make it circular rather than elliptical). Then, during symmetrization, CentrioleJ enhances the features in the image that show the presumed symmetry (e.g. 9-fold). In a nutshell, symmetrization consists in rotating the source image according to its symmetry and sum-projecting all the rotated images. See Figure 1 for an overview of the different processing possibilities in CentrioleJ.