Emmanuel Levy

Webservers, datasets


User-friendly visualization of yeast protein expression and localization. It contains images from three independent FP-tagged libraries that we imaged on our spinning-disk microscope. 



3D Complex is a hierarchical classification of protein complexes that describes similarities in structure, sequence, as well as the topology of contacts of the constituent proteins. This is the first automatic method for generating non-redundant sets of complexes, which can be used to derive unbiased statistics on their structure and evolution. 



PiQSi is a community effort that facilitates the investigation and curation of quaternary structures. Given a PDB identifier or a protein sequence, it displays information about the quaternary structure of homologous proteins on a single web-page. This information allows a quick comparison of the quaternary structure(s) of the members of a protein family. So far, the web-server has allowed the manual curation of ~15000 structures of PDB Biological Units, of which about 15% were found to be likely errors (e.g. guilty).



Dataset of annotations on the quaternary structure of homo-oligomers in the PDB


Data from the manuscript "Abundance imparts evolutionary constraints of similar magnitude on the buried, surface, and disordered regions of proteins"
Data from the manuscript "Protein abundance biases the amino-acid composition of disordered regions to minimize non-functional interactions"