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Master programs

Our University and the Faculty of Sciences offer three main master programs: master in biology, biochemistry, and chemical biology. Prospective students are encouraged to send an email to the PI of the lab they would like to join, including a CV, contact addresses of one or two references, and a short motivation letter.



is an advanced training program that allows students to follow theoretical courses, in English, in the first year according to one of the 7 specialized orientations. The Master's program puts particular emphasis on research work, with a two-month pre-internship in the first year, followed by a research project carried out in a laboratory or research group for a full year in the second year. 

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  • General (electives)
  • Specialisation:
    • Genetics, development and evolution
    • Bioinformatics and data analysis
    • Biodiversity and systematics
    • Molecular plant science


Master in Biochemistry allows students to specialise in domains such as transmembrane transport and membrane biochemistry, bioinformatics, cellular and molecular biology, and biophysics. Through this programme, students develop the methodological knowledge and experimental rigour which are essential for conducting research. The programme also provides state-of-the-art training in the area of cellular energy production. Students will master the key concepts in biochemistry from the molecular level to the cellular level in order to understand the precise mechanisms at work in cells.

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The Master in Chemical Biology programme will teach students how to probe biological problems at the molecular level using innovative chemistry, biochemistry and biophysical approaches. Students have the opportunity to gain diverse theoretical knowledge in the field of chemical biology and to perform research in labs pushing the state of the art.

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European students can join a lab in the context of the "Swiss-European Mobility Program" (ex-Erasmus). Please check eligibility criteria and application procedure.